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  • The impact of food packaging on corporate products
    26.10.2015 Company News
    Food packaging bags are the most common packaging medium in life. Even people can't do without packaging bags, and they are used to using packaging bags. If your product sales are not good enough, it may be behind others on the packagin......
  • What must be done in food packaging bags?
    08.09.2008 Company News
    1, barrier propertiesBarrier to water vapor and oxygen:The water vapor permeation amount and the oxygen permeation amount test are respectively verified to prevent the package material from being affected by moisture and oxidative deteriora......
  • Company Profile
    26.10.2015 Company News
    Hot Pack Co., Ltd. is a large-scale company specializing in the production of food-grade packaging bags. We are professional packaging bag manufacturer that uses new equipment to produce packaging bags and film rolls to provide comprehensiv......
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