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Stand-up bag making process

Stand-up bag making process

The stand up pouch has a wide range of applications in food products. Compared with other packaging, the stand-up pouch packaging bag has a unique style. It can be placed on the flat ground without supporting the natural one, and can be taken anytime and anywhere. And the appearance of good looks is also conducive to the display of the shelves. How to make a good stand-up pouch ?

production procedure

1.Prepare: Install the horizontal heat sealing knife, the bottom heat sealing knife, strengthen the heat sealing knife, and install the punching device.

2.through the film, set the EPC, align the edge of the bag and the pattern.

3. Adjust the bottom heat sealing knife and input the length dimension. The position of the knife should be flush. The upper knife is the reference adjustment knife to check whether the round hole is round. Set the photoelectric sensor.

4. Install the bottom film and adjust to the middle fold. Adjust the base film to punch holes.

5. Adjust the lateral heat seal to align the position of the heat seal knife with the print position.

6. Adjust the heat seal block and fill the pressure at the intersection of the four floors.

7. Adjust the cutting knife and cut the cutting device.

8. Confirm and adjust the bottom hole punching position and the bottom heat sealing position. Confirm and adjust the lateral heat seal knife and strengthen the position of the heat seal block. Confirm the heat seal strength and adjust the heat seal temperature.